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Anti-Intellectualism: What a Crock of Shit

God calls the weak and the base. The stupid. The cowardly. The dishonest. The pathologically dependent. Then He gives them something besides themselves to believe in and be a part of (which just so happens to be an institution that reaps great benefits from a naive, cowardly, dumbed-down laity). This has been a convenient shuck and jive for Christianity since its inception, and anti-intellectualism has been an especially insidious aspect of this strategy, especially since the Protestant Reformation. Armstrongism, as a continuation of that worldly tradition of official "heresy," did not fail to adopt an ideological survival mechanism that had long proven its effectiveness. Anti-intellectualism rears its head any time some constituency requires a dishonest way to avoid addressing reasonable arguments against whatever ideology it is clinging to. From hellfire preachers to ideological feminists to Hitler, Stalin and Pol Pot, anti-intellectualism has served to vilify political opponents and dissidents and thereby distract the hoi poloi from the truth, simultaneously maintaining among them a chilling effect on any would-be attempts to learn the truth.

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